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Citadelle Laferrière
Touring the Citadelle is awe-inspiring at every level, its grandeur is unmatched by any the world, its breathtaking view is simply astounding, and the story of how the Citadelle came to be, is nothing short of remarkable. This Citadelle was built to protect the newly independent country from the enemy. Though the enemy never came, the fort will conquer anyone with its magnificent architecture and rich history. Known as the 8th wonder of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1982. The Citadelle Laferriere is the largest and most impressive fortress in the entire Americas. It is the world most significant symbol of liberty. The Citadelle is in fact the number attraction the Caribbean and should be visited by all who travel to the Caribbean. The massive stone structure was built by up to 20,000 workers between 1805 and 1820 as part of a system of fortifications which included included Fort Jacques and Fort Alexandre, built on the mountains overlooking in the western part of the Island. Located in the town of Milot, the ancient kingdom of the great North when King Henry ruled the Northern part of the country. The Citadelle was built several miles inland, and atop the 3,000 ft (910 m) Bonnet a L’Eveque mountain, to deter attacks and to provide a lookout into the nearby valleys. The Citadelle can be seen almost from anywhere in the Northern side of the country. Whether you are in your hotel rooms, at the beach in the city of Cap Haitien, you can get a nice view of this Fortress. In fact, it is possible to sight the eastern coast of Cuba, some 90 miles (140 km) to the west. The Northern region and specifically the town of Milot hold endless mysteries and await the tourist to unfold it step by step. The panoramic view of the regions from mountain peaks is simply breathtaking.